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A little about us

Our brand is about listening to the needs of clients and candidates, then working in partnership on both sides of the employment process to achieve results that grow business and careers mutually.

Back in 2003, our Directors recognised that the needs of blue-collar employers and job seekers just weren’t being met. Based on good old-fashioned common sense, we rebuilt the recruitment model to focus on the needs of our market and we’ve been helping great people into new careers ever since.

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Our clients tell us they love our relationship-based approach to recruitment. We genuinely understand their needs which removes the wasted time of them interviewing, employing and training unsuited candidates.

Equally, we’ve adjusted our interview approach to put candidates at ease. Interviews are always stressful, so we removed many of the traditional formalities that added no value. Having relaxed our job seekers, we learn more about their background, skills and aspirations.

But don’t think for a moment that we aren’t thorough – we take our responsibilities of placing the best people extremely seriously.

Staff that stay!

The recruitment industry has a poor record of high staff turnover. But not at Reliance Recruitment.  Our staff are great people and we know we’re nothing without them. And actually, we really like our people too!

We invest in our workplace to ensure our people enjoy a positive employment experience and a sensible work/life balance. Why does this matter? Frankly, it’s the right thing to do. But also, a stable, knowledgeable and happy workforce delivers tangible benefits to both clients and candidates.

Compare Reliance with others in our industry and you’ll find a gulf in experience.  For you, this means:

  • Fewer mistakes
  • Greater knowledge of client workplaces
  • Faster turnaround of applications
  • Pre-emptive problem solving

Three key attributes of Reliance Recruitment are:


Urgency is everything in our business because great jobs and great candidates just don’t hang around. 

Our systems and processes are designed to create highly efficient connections between our team and both clients and candidates.


Recruitment is hard enough without taking shortcuts, so our unique approach includes all the good stuff but none of the distracting fluff.

Clients can take confidence that Reliance systems are fit for purpose and deliver candidates that meet their specific needs and fit the culture of their workplace.

Open and Honest
Open and Honest

It’s core to Reliance that we share our knowledge and expertise with clients to ensure enjoy the best possible recruitment outcomes. 

With job seekers, we’re always honest.  Sometimes this means explaining that we can’t help, but we always offer alternatives to redirect their search for work.

If we have bad news for a client or candidate, we don’t hide but will come armed with solutions.  You’ll always know where you stand with us.

Meet the Directors

Andrew McGill
Andrew McGill

Following university, my career spanned banking, call centre management and recruitment.  Each role in my career has been underpinned with a strong customer service focus. 

Being a business owner with Warren has allowed the flexibility to adapt our specific recruitment model to fit around client and candidate needs.  It’s really rewarding to talk with businesses about their needs, evaluate options and then create a system that delivers outstanding candidates to organisations and fulfilling careers to our applicants.

Warren Kemp
Warren Kemp

In partnership with Andrew McGill, Reliance Recruitment was established in 2003 when we saw a gap in the market for a specific Industrial Recruitment specialist.  We wanted to create a company structured specifically to the industrial workforce we employ, and the customers we service.  The company formula worked very well and in 2005 we opened an office in Manukau. We are very proud of the high levels of customer service, long standing relationships with clients and being supported by a fabulous team of staff.

Prior to Reliance I completed a Bachelor of Commerce in Business Administration/HR.  I started my career in logistics/operations management and sales roles before working for several years for a multinational Recruitment company.

Need some quality staff for your business, or looking for your next great opportunity?

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